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Tapes arrived and look good. Many thanks for your help with this order.



SR looks perfect, the orange colour looks perfect. Many thanks.


Raelene M

Shipment will be discharged today. I would like to thank you for your communications.

Until the next time.


Lewis H

Thank you for your other email we appreciate you starting to produce these

early for us.

Thank you very much

Kindest regards

Denise S

Thank you very much tapes look great. If possible can I have some photographs of the steel wheel, tapes, some cases, manufacturing area in particular, or anything relevant to your operation.

Thank you again.
Peter W

Thank you for this. This final proof is APPROVED!! Yahoo!

Please let me know what we need to do next to get this order rolling.

Thank you and have a most fabulous day! 


Thank you I am very happy with this orderJ

Best Regards Karen

We have received our order, they looks prefect thank you for your hard work.