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Model: TR-13

13 mm wide

Model: TR-16

16 mm wide      

Model: TR-20

20 mm wide

TR-13/16/20 Sewing Tapes

Width: 13 mm or 16 mm(Standard Size) or 20 mm

Length: 1.5 Meter/60 inches or longer

Available in different scales

Optional multi-colour background*

Optional Eco-friendly ink and tape material*

Colour:  Available in White, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Other

1200 units pre carton            Estimate weight: 16.5 kg/carton

Dimensions: 46 X 31.5 X 20 cm

Custom Tailor Tape

Private Logo: Yes         Custom Scale: Yes

EX: Bra-size Scale, Livestock Scale, Fitness Scale

Accept other custom request

Please contact us for MOQ and price.


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multi-colour tape blade

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