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Specialized Tape Catalog

Measures Body Height


Measures waist size and Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index(BMI) Tape - Compact Size

1.5 meter or less

8  mm wide


BMI tape - Standard Size

1.5 meter or more

14  mm wide


For Emergency worker and Construction site - BAK Tape


* For More information on BAK-tape please contact Karen in Australia


Danger barricade Tape*      Caution Barricade Tape*    Permit Barricade Tape*    Reflective Barricade Tape*

MD 01                                     MD 02                                    MD 03                                      MD 04

MD 05                                     MD 06

MD 07                                       MD 08                                    MD 09                                    MD 10

MD 11                                        MD 12

For express companies

CUBE tape - Specially designed scale with coloured tape blade to help identify oversized packages with ease.

+ Case = CUBE tape

Identify oversized packages with ease

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Body Mass Index tape measuring is a excellent health screening tool for professional or home use. The soft tape blade is colour-coded from green to red to reflect the risk that is associated with higher waist measurements. On the top of the tape is a Body Mass Index (BMI) wheel that allows users to calculate the risk factors instantly without the need for a internet based BMI calculator.   

Companies currently using BMI tapes:

Jenny Craig (Australia & New Zealand)

The Arthritis Society (Quebec)

Companies currently using CUBE tape:

InterLink Express (UK)